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A form of rap that consists of hat-based lyrics, and dissing other hatcore members. Naming the types of hats, listing why your hat is superior, why the other MC's hat is inferior, and referencing famous hats are also a major part of this genre.
"You done now, I use hats like Kung Lao."

"When I'm done with you I'll have everyone with thats on their chests."
-Fatty Goodness

"I've got shit upon my head that most of you won't even have when you're dead."

"Hatcore, smacking you whack whores, with bats for no reason..."
by Cumfucius February 05, 2009
A style of rap centered around the wearing silly hats.
"I'm illgill and I've got a dumber hat that you ever will"

"one hat rocker number one hat rocker"

"you'll be dead if you tell me hatcore is whack/
hold on I have to adjust my hat."
by illgill December 25, 2008
An awesome new genre of rock created by two friends in Scotland.

Hatcore music is characterised by the unsigned band "Already the Forum has a Two Page Topic". The genre itself is a mixture between Hardcore, Mathcore, Metalcore and Hats.

Such Hatcore songs include:
- I capiTalise my T's To Emphaise my poinT.*
- Yellow haired warrior, go!*
- If this were the army, I'd be General by now (Yeah, but I'd be emperor)*
- That blood looks so fake*
- That blood looks so fake ptII*
- O.O*
- You haters will never work in this town again*
- That chick'd be hot if not for her nose... *
- That water looks like Ribena*
- Eat my piss*

* = This song is yet to be written.
Oh my fucking god, that Hatcore band kicks ASS!
by The Skitchmeister October 27, 2007

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