2nd copy/wannabe of Hassan
The female spelling of Hassan
Hasan: Hung like female horse.

Hassan = male
Hasan = female
one "s" is not there because it has one less the balls of a normal HASSAN.
you hasan my cranberry pie, turning it into and apple pie.
by hassan November 28, 2004
Top Definition
Hasan is a very good-looking guy but he is a jerk. He does not smile much but when he does, he makes girls' hearts flutter. He is very anti-social and does not give girls the attention they deserve. Despite that though, girls still give him way too much attention which he pretends turns him off. All in all, do not fall prey to such a creatre because he will break your heart.
Oh my god, that guy is such a hasan.
by hollieanarray November 18, 2011
slang for a male who is expceptionally well endowned; part of the next phrase up from 'hung like a horse'
'hung like hasan' - possessing even larger genitals than that of a metaphorical horse
by has1973@mississipisyrup.com February 09, 2004
farts alot, but he is popular with the girls,a very good driver. he is a pimp..but gets horney
I feel like hasan
by dub c June 10, 2003
A Muslim name for hansom
Hi I’m hasan. What does that mean it means hansom in Muslim
by latanya K.B. September 26, 2008
Name given to someone with large genitials (metorphorically bigger than a horse) and very handsome.

Has a cracking persnality and the ladies love him
Guy 1: Man, that guys such a Hasan

Guy 2: Yeah, I know, i wish i was a Hasan <3
by Prince1234567890 September 22, 2010
A good friend who is always around. he always has your back even though he knows absolutely nothing about taking a punch. referred to as a picka-chu character
hey,hasan is just like picka-chu...
by Blackdelilah25 October 26, 2011
an incredibly obese human being, with tits the size of elephants. he cannot find his penis, and he has a fantasy world where he is a boss. he smokes weed a lot, and believes that he is good at basketball.
Look at that hasan!
by killinginthenameofbossboy23 October 24, 2011
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