Doesn't speak to anyone, spends their time constantly playing call of duty or watching japanese cartoons. Has a large sum of fur on their head, blocking out the sunlight and restricting their view. Usually vegetarians.
Bob - oh hey did jerry go to that party?
Sam - No he was too busy playing games and being unsociable.
Bob - Hah, he is such a harry johnson.
by Anonymouslemon January 12, 2012
Top Definition
1) a boy who's dad loved him enough to name him after his first pube
2) a young boy with a large johnson

3) the boys penis is extremely hairy
Did you hear about Harry Johnson's Johnson?
by Bigjohnsanuderas February 10, 2014
A amazing Developer who creates the most amazing apps and is really changing
Did you see that app

Yeah Harry Johnson made it

Yeah it's pretty amazing
by Chris Tsavdaridis May 30, 2013

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