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Syndrome where an individual believes to be the fictional character "Harry Potter" from the successful series by J.K.Rowling. Symptoms are: hallucinations of "dementors", "wizards", and other magical beings, believing that one can fly on a broomstick, waving around a stick seeing if it will make something move, disappear, or change at all, drawing a lightning bolt somewhere on the forehead, etc.
"I do not have Harry Potter Syndrome! Look at me fly on my firebolt!"
by power ranger May 14, 2006
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The feeling you get after experiencing an amazing year, month or any extensive time period, and then following that with a horrendously average time period.
Many college freshmen experience the harry potter syndrome in the summer after their first year.
by James Bond007 August 02, 2012
Harry Potter Syndrome (or HPS) is the phenononom when you begin to read a book (usually Harry Potter but also another interesting novel) around 11 pm. After reading a satisfying amount, you decide to go to bed. You look at your clock and realize it is now about 4 am.
John pulls into the office an hour late, with sleepy eyes.
John: Sorry guys, I got Harry Potter Syndrome last night.
Eduardo: *snicker* *snicker* Dork...
John: I guess... but Cedric died D:
Victor (who has been sitting in the corner this whole time): SHIT! THE MUGGLES KNOW!!!
by Ass Kicka November 14, 2011
The state of mind where you hate your immediately family who treat you badly yet you have no way of leaving them for you have no one to else to live with because you're a minor.
Dave: "Lucy's got Harry Potter Syndrome"
Alex: "How?"
Dave: "Her Parents treat her like crap"
Alex: "Poor Lucy. :/"
by Sgt. Fightmaster March 06, 2011
A syndrome someone who is vain, narcissistic, and full of their self often has. Characterized by thinking they're special and somehow very important compared to other "average" people. These people also always seem to get an unbelievable break in hard situations and always come up on top.
Susan: "I'm a Taurus."
Mark: "I'm a Gemini."
Emily: "I'm an Aquarius."
Clark: "I'm an Ophiuchus."
Mark: "What's that?"
Clark: "It's a special Zodiac sign, very few people know of it. Technically I'm a Sagittarius."
Mark: "Or more likely.. you TECHNICALLY have a case of Harry Potter Syndrome."
by VeoV January 25, 2009
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