Top Definition
the bestest most hottest person in the world
1: "ur such a harpreet"
2: "thanks!"
by u_already_know April 26, 2004
Someone with great swag and great personality.He is also known as the king of swag.
Lets go to king harpreet so he can teach us some swag.
by hsingh February 14, 2011
total bitch with a long braid that everyone wants to cut off!!!
girl: eww your turning into such a harpreet
by lol so true blogger January 31, 2014
To forget what happened and have amazing night over and over again with protection
A: I just got dumped
B: Oh, lets have a Harpreet night to forget about it
by S.I.B April 30, 2009
YoU RoCk My WoRlD GiRlFrIeNd!!
i want a magical moment..WITH YOUR MOM!!
by .SON. November 27, 2004
a really crippled retard kid, has a massive bean and has a crusty face like ellwyne
" u r a proper harpreet "
by aaron holland (captain crosstoe) December 09, 2004
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