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A tool used among friends to retain possession of a certain seat. Basically the same thing as saying "fives," but sounds cooler.
Jesus: I gotta go take a sh*t, harmonoff.
Joseph: Harmonoff? what the f*ck does that mean?
Jehova: It means you can't take his seat, he'll be right back.
Joseph: Isn't Harmonoff Telly's cousin from KIDS? The one who fcks all the retarded b*tches?
Jehova: Yeah it is. And it also means stay the f*ck out of my seat.
by shitisbananas May 13, 2008
Casper's cousin in the film "Kids" who enjoys having intercourse with women who have down syndrome. He likes leg braces on, thank you very much. He lives by the pork fried rice store that Telly and Casper pass in the film.
That dude Harmonoff, he'd do anything to bust a nut.
by ice grille May 18, 2007
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