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a game by which the idividuals (mainly males) expose their genitalia to the opposite sex without them noticing.

this game can be played by girls too.

the aim is to get as many points as possible.


males have to show their penises off and shake them, females have to expose breasts(nipples) and shake them or expose their vagina and perform pelvic thrusts.

the closer you are the more points it counts for.

the longer you do it the more points you get.

the more exposed you are to being caught, eg they are talking to someone and you do it in full view of them without them noticing the more points you get.

if you get seen by the opposite sex then you are disqualified.

you can rack up points per victim or by regarding them as a group.

most points are awarded for 'head shots' in which the genitalia are within a foot of the victims head.
a girl is talking to your friend and whilst she is talking to him you are standing behind her hardslapping (shaking your genitals around) (racking up points) but hide them again before she notices.
by pir8_6AR January 19, 2011
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