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a trick in skateboarding. theoretically its a kickflip and a frontside shove-it simultaneously, but they always end up flipping vertically rather than horizontal because your front foot gets in the way of the FS shove-it.
du check that 9 stair hardflip!
by karl December 29, 2004
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Taking amphetamines (adderall or other ADD drugs) or a similar stimulant with a strong cannabis edible. The stimulant keeps you wide awake and alert and ready to dance while the strong dose of marijuana has psychedelic, added euphoric, and calming effects.

The combination is very similar to ecstasy, inducing euphoria and empathy, and making your body experience remarkable pleasurable sensations, while also allowing a person to stay up all night (dancing or what have you) while being much much safer, much less toxic, and much less harmful to the users brain, mind, and emotions.

Also, in states that allow medical use of cannabis, the HARD flip can be obtained completely legally. This also means you will be having a fun time raving all night without the mystery of what was in the pill you just popped. There is almost never a harsh let down or hangover, and you will always know that your drug combo is going to be pleasurable and safe.
"Last night I HARD flipped for DEADMAU5. I felt like I was rolling balls the whole night, didn't look half as scary as all the other ravers, and the next day I felt perfectly fine, though understandably a little tired."
by Banjanqrum August 12, 2009
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A skateboarding trick that involves a combination of a Kickflip and Frontside Shove-it. Essentially what you end up having is what looks to be an inverted kickflip or a Frontside flip without turning your body with the board. Some skaters prefer to have this trick a little more leveled out compared to being inverted. Either way this trick is sure to impress.
Wow dude, that hardflip was so clean.
by ufocalagrad10 November 28, 2010
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Op in IRC and moderator on a forum who is also an internet-nazi. Pretty darn good at Desert Combat as well.


<Head> say something funny
<GSFHardflip> say something funny?
<GSFHardflip> ..No
by Chadwick October 30, 2003
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