an adjective describing the most annoying man you work with. the person that makes you dread coming to work and hates every second of being in the same work place as him. He is super talented at interrupting conversations with his nonsense bullshit that he believes is important. The guy that everyone makes fun of for his funny looks, big head, and or awkwardly grown mustache that looks super ridiculous on his face. Also, he is the creeper that loves creeping on the new girls that comes into work and could also possibly creep on any girl he meets, attractive or not. He is pessimistic and can never be wrong. Basically, he is the worst person you can imagine.
Did you see that new 2nd Class Petty Officer that joined our squadron? Man, he is a hardee.

Did you see that girl that went missing a few days ago? Well apparently she killed herself because of that hardee she worked with.

Fuck hardee.
by Hardee's mother July 07, 2011
Top Definition
a place that never has customers
WOW! Hardees acually has a customer today.
by frankdabarborvegan October 23, 2003
Home of Thickburgers. Delicious burger that should only be eaten after 1:00 AM. Otherwise you will be coherent enough to realize that what you are eating is not really all that delicious.
Umm, lets get a thickburger. No way dude, its only 7:00(PM).
by pseuodnym April 19, 2004
Good Food Bad service, in other words it sucks
Person 1: "I thought you were going to a fast food place, you've been gone an hour"
Person 2: "I did"
Person 1: "Where?"
Person 2: "Hardees"
by Rob January 14, 2004
home of the t"hickburger", another place shady wants to drive circles in the parking lot screaming "i don't give a fuk."
by deez nuts July 19, 2003
A fast food chain known for bad service and worse food. I worked at one and I had a assistant manager who eas a total moron, who gave my two double cheeseburgers my front line customer was waiting 15minutes for and tole me "drive thru has higher priority.

Hardee's is a place you avoid walking into even if it is the last fast food place on earth and you are starving to death.
Hardee's actually bought out Burger Chef a chain that was actually worse then they were. Believe it or not.
by GTBurns July 10, 2004
A fast food chain that tastes like a shitmop.
Honey lets not go to Hardees remember the time we ate what we thought was a burger but was really an old mop covered in mounds of shit.
by unleashed February 07, 2004
A shit fastfood joint that sells rancid burgers drenched in sauce and minging fries that taste like soap. I always seem to eat from there when I'm hungover though...
I just ate some Hardees because I got shit-faced last night and it seemed like a great idea at the time. I now feel as though I've been licking a dogs anus. Pretty sure I'll be shitting for a week now...
by Dangerous G April 13, 2004
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