One who simply takes no shit off anyone. It is a status equivalent of gods.
Me- "Oh god, you just got punched in the face by your own father Travis..."

Travis- "Yah Chase, I know."

Me- "Your dad's a real hard-ass."

Travis's Dad- "Fuck off."
by Hugh G. Dildeaux March 10, 2010
N. One who thinks they are hard or tough. These people talk about how hard they are and in reality they aren't as hard. This is a negative word or a diss.
Hardass: I left class one minute early!
Me: Wow you are a hardass!
Me Thinking: I'm gonna beat this kid up.
by alilhappything January 11, 2006
One who takes on a burden or difficult task in order to seem capable or brave.
Mr. hard ass said that he'd carry the heavy shit!
by j-snap-tits May 30, 2009
Sticking up for yourself because no one else will.
That girl Jenn? She won't take shit from ANYONE. She's a total hard ass.
by feed-me-seymore September 10, 2008
A person who does somthing incredibly brave and stupid at the same time. one who does an act that shock and awes people into having to say "hardass right there"
"you set your naked self on fire for 2 minutes? Hard ass right here"
by E4rthbound November 14, 2006
n. 1 an indivudual who is partiucularly hardcore, and or acts way too hardcore for his or her own good.

2 An indivudual who sports thier mullet proudley.
You must think you're some kinda hardass or somthing

damn, he's a hardass.
by Aaron November 24, 2003
one who royally fucks shit up all the time.

one who swears and doesn't give you fuck who hears.
one who slays constantly.
one who drives through a carwash with their windows down.
one who causes problems just for fun.
George was a hardass because he went into a party with an empty backpack.

Elliott is a hardass, he just robbed a liquor store and only stole limes.
by TheJackster03 April 14, 2010
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