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someone who won't change they're mind easily. somone who has not reasoning. A person who once they have their mind set on somthing it isn't easily changed without and arguement.
I tried to tell her she was a geek, but she's so hard headed, she wouldn't listen.
by Blondie54 May 29, 2003
someone is hardheaded when someone does not want to listen to you for crap.
i told a cousin of mine kickboxing is too rigid formalistic and restricted.he reacted by saying they made the rules for your own safety.he is hardheaded.
by omar afifi August 03, 2006
1.Don't listen to what anybody tells you to do

2. Have a really hard head
1.what did I tell you to do "huh"?See you are so hard headed.

2. Dang boy ! You have a hard head
by Mariah's definition's 😜 October 25, 2015
Realistic and down to earth.
"I'm looking for a hard headed woman. One who will make me do my best." (cat stevens' song Hard-Headed Woman)
by Moonshadow41308 August 25, 2009
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