White American slang describing a person who is mentally handicapped.
He is a hard R
by CauseEmSaidSo June 14, 2011
Top Definition
A phrase referring to the words "nigga" and "nigger," the latter being referred to as "the hard R."
Dude...this guy's being a racist asshole, dropping hard Rs every sentence.
by shogunassassin March 08, 2011
film executive shitheads who refer to the rating of a restricted movie they're trying to promote as a 'hard R' - film people who say this are usually fucking perverts who like sucking off 10 year old dick
"Oh baby, I can't wait to give this bad-boy film a 'hard R' - people are gonna love this shit - Hey! Don't touch my blow!"
by Gerald Melsinate March 22, 2007
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