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Facts or truth that uneasy to digest or accept. Unproven solvent of the problem or situation in unusually wired way that require additional research of the involved issues.
Gay marriage is a hard pill to swallow
by Xpinz February 05, 2007
This term has 2 meanings:
1) Used as a come-back when someone is tryng to find an excuse for not doing something that would require little-to-no effort.
2) Similar to that of the placebo effect, these "hard pills" give confidence to someone lacking it (usually an ugly/shy male)
Person 1: What are you up to?
Person 2 : I'm going for a walk...
Person 1: Why don't you take some "Hard Pills" and go for a run?

Male 1: Man shes hot!!
Male 2: Go and talk to her...
Male 1: Nah... shes not my type.
Male 2: Why don't you just suck it up, take some hard pills, and go talk to her.
by Cherd February 23, 2010
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