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Hap = Hot Asian Princess!
Byron: Damn Mike, get a load of that hap!

Mike: Shit, i love them haps!
by BB March 15, 2005
42 37
1.Goings on or Happenings
"Whats the haps on the craps?"
by DDarko April 22, 2003
162 53
short for "happenin." a greeting.
yo wanksta, whats the haps?
by j. mcnizzle June 06, 2003
61 40
abbrieviation of happening, best usedin a rhyming sentence as shown below
whats the haps paps?
(how are you father?)
by fidogg April 16, 2004
41 28
Short for happy
i'm haps
you haps now that you got your money?
by phenoxide September 25, 2009
36 25
Huff And Puff. What whiners do when they get angry and/or frustrated.
"When I came in late, Tuna was hap." -wally
"Classic Tuna, fyf." -ether
by Scarecrow73 September 02, 2009
19 8
Homie Assisted Power Steering. While driving, you need your homie to grab the steering wheel for you in certain occasions. It's really easy to ask for help, just say HAPS yo.
(Driving, and hitting a bowl, or blunt, or bong)

-"Yo Scott, lemme get some HAPS."

~"Werd niggah."

Makes life much easier, enjoy.
by Spoon0313 October 20, 2005
73 62
stands for:
Hot Asian People
(mostly used by girls, preferably white girls that don't usually date asians but find some attractive.)
We went to the beach last week and I saw tons of HAPs!
by maejofosho January 21, 2009
23 15