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A typical 4chan meme. His actual name is Santino Lee from the porn site Everybody (mostly the ones active on the internet) knows him for his red bandana and happy smile.
Earl:*smiles happily*
Jones:Damnit Earl, you look like the damn happy negro
by Anon Omus April 18, 2008
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a 4chan meme, the african american from, he is seen on 4chan in several picturesa and flashes.
"it happy negro, pedobear and cock mongler!"
by ken February 02, 2005
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A black man stealing his neighbors tv.
THe more expensive the tv the more Happy the Negro is.
by Jeff February 16, 2005
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To have a cock the size of a fucking horse.
I'm hung like Happy Negro!
by PF September 03, 2004
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