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noun: A cult icon which took in-class note-passing to a new level in the mid 80's through the mid 90's. Originating in Southern California, can be composed of any medium - paper, plastic, cardboard, leaves, etc. Most commonly used to rip on classmates, but had other unique disruptive uses that ranged from harmless (Naked Happy Snake) to moderately destructive to classroom infrastructure (Stuck-In-An-Overhead-Projector-Fan-Happy-Snake).

Happy snakes most commonly composed of a medium capable of being written on and contained the trademark happy snake with forked tongue. The message could be relevant to the medium it was composed of, or for passing insults and/or disrupting class.
"Is that a Tarie-Leaie-Stuck-In-A-Vise-With-A-Can-Tab-Stuck-To-It-While-Going-55MPH-Down-The-Highway-On-The-Back-Of-A-Maintenance-Truck Happy Snake?"

"Why yes, it is!"
by lb lb lb lb March 17, 2009

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