Coolest stoner you'll ever meet. Gotta thick booty. Makes some banging food. She'll SHOW you what that mouf do.
-Wow, is that Hannah?

~Yeah, ask her what that mouf do.

* 10 minutes later *
-She sure showed me!
by mynoduespistaken November 27, 2014
A pretty girl who who you become friends with but 2 or 3 years later everything will change. She will steal your crush, try to beat you at everything, and is a backstabbing spoiled brat.
"Omg Sarah, April just totally starting flirting woth Jake"

"What else?"

"She also tried to turn Crystal and Amy against me"

"She sounds like a real Hannah to me"
by lolonedirection April 14, 2015
A girl with a strong will and tough personality, always too confident
Hannah has a lot of stupid ideas
by skittlez9000 February 22, 2015
Usually a girl that thinks shes beautiful and is usually over weight
but can be nice at times
Shes such a hannah
by Mariaa mann November 26, 2013
a strong girl with blonde hair she's broken completely her boyfriend is the only one who can see it she might be thicker then most girls she loves music and art more then people people tell her she's pretty but she doesn't believe it her grades kinda slip she bad crushes on some other guys but her heart will always belong to that one guy they are shy and are very compatible with patricks she's not a goddess like everyone says
boyfriend: your so pretty
her: haha your such a liar
boyfriend: hannah I wish you could see yourself from my eyes
by anactualhannah November 23, 2013
starts off being your best-friend that you would do anything for. After a year or so of knowing her she will start to talk shit about you behind your back and act as though you don't know it. Normally a very happy and energetic fellow. Very inappropriate most of the time! If your ever find a Hannah don't tell her any of your secrets or problems or else the whole town will her about it in an hour! She goes from guy to guy and says they like her when they don't.
Person 1:" Wow that bitch just stabbed me in the back!"

Person: " let me guess, was it Hannah?"

Person 1: "How did you know?"

Person: " Typical Hannah"
by barniclelicker69 January 10, 2015
The biggest bitch you have ever meet
Girl 1: Look here comes a Hannah
Girl 2: I herd she is the biggest bitch ever
by Diva1086 August 30, 2015
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