Hannah is a girls name and she is a total badass.
she tough, hilarious and is a great friend.
She could survive practically anything.
she is smart too.
shes really pretty but doesnt realize it
guy: Who's that cute girl boxing?
girl: oh thats hannah
guy; does she always box?
girl; yeah but she does practically anything. I wish i was as tough as her
by indigosky June 17, 2013
hannah is the most beautiful girl in the world. she is gorgeous, sexy, fit, peng, brilliant, magnificent, in fact, there's not enough words to describe this girl.
'damn that girls hot, i wish i could be her'
'yeah, shes hannah'
by hannah_loverzzzz_ April 04, 2012
Hannah's are funny, pretty, nice and super smart. They are sexier than all the bitches and they are funnier than anyone. If you find yourself a Hannah you are a lucky one.
Guy: Wow that girl makes me froth, she must be a Hannah
by BobPom May 18, 2013
A sexy girl that has usually dated guys that start with a D and has a beautiful body and a great personality
Did yu hear Hannah Gave Don a present
by jon234567876 December 10, 2012
Amazingly unique. Hannah is classy, sexy and smart. She is as good as they get, infact better! Hannah likes to spend cold nights snuggled up watching movies at home and having a good laugh. Hannah is the life of the party. She's spontaneous and extremely beautiful. She can ahieve anything she wants! Hannah is faithful and caring. She's a keeper! Hannah is the best, so you can't do any better..

Feel sorry for you if you don't know Hannah.
Omg i just met Hannah and i can't imagine my life if i didn't know her.. damn she's so amazing!
by kmacninety4 May 27, 2012
A girl who you may not be so sure about at first, but once you get to meet her, she is amazing. She loves to have a ton of fun and comes up the the strangest yet greatest ideas. She loves to write, sing, and work with hair and makeup. She may not be the most trustworthy, but you'll learn to trust her. She can be blonde (maybe all the time) but you love her cause shes hilarious(:
Hannah is an amazing friend.
by Sayona January 09, 2012
A super hot girl who has brown hair and an amazing rack and butt. She can move her hips like a goddess! Shes old for her age but loves to flirt and talk dirty. If your her make you will get action but you gotta treat her right.
Gosh i'm so Lucky to have a Hannah as a girlfriend!
by pixelofink November 29, 2011
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