she has dirty blonde hair, is a bitch, likes to fight, thinks shes strong but really is, not afriad to hit someone once in a while, has awesome friends, she is not as popular but is to her friends, is crazy, kind lazy, talks back, bad role model, prostitute, goes to bars alot, has HIV and HERPES and STDs and CRABES and thats hannah
person 1: whats that skipping down the hall?
person 2: oh i am pretty sure its a hannah
person 1: oh yah! heard of those.
by i am a hannah! December 02, 2011
a girl who has no concern for anyone else, is mean to her parents and siblings, isnt the prettiest flower in the garden, doesnt have many friends, is very jealous, puts other people down, is a complete slob, cant pick up a mess, cant wake up in the morning on her own, cant hold down a job
man that girls a bully, she must be a hannah

she cant get her work done and keeps getting fired she must be hannah

i cant see the floor, this must be hannah's room
by the truth is written May 27, 2011
A name that was ruined because of the Disney Company
Hi I'm Hannah" "HAHAHA like Hannah montana" "No stfu idiot
by Ehohel March 13, 2011
A person that cums a lot and has multiple orgasms. She likes to nasty rap bag about rats.
P1: Hey did you hear? Angelina is a hannah!!
P2: Oh wow i didnt know she did that!
by Meliker February 16, 2011
A really pretty Red Haired girl, whos sometimes under 5"5. She loves her friends and family, and has really big boobs!
Boy- omg. shes huge. shes a hannah alright!

Boy-wow, she really loves her family! she must be a hannah!
by twinkletoes! July 21, 2011
fuck ugly, winds the fuck out of everybody, lasts 2 seconds in relationships, cant do anything right and genuinely not a very nice person.
Hannah pffftttt..
by Anonynonamous January 09, 2012
complete whore. shes pretty but only wants male attention and gets that by getting wasted and dancing with extremely good looking guys. even though she is still young, it is clear her future will be no better that a whore:)
sorry hannah.
hannah is a whore.
by therearentanynamesthaticanuse February 22, 2011

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