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a strong girl with blonde hair she's broken completely her boyfriend is the only one who can see it she might be thicker then most girls she loves music and art more then people people tell her she's pretty but she doesn't believe it her grades kinda slip she bad crushes on some other guys but her heart will always belong to that one guy they are shy and are very compatible with patricks she's not a goddess like everyone says
boyfriend: your so pretty
her: haha your such a liar
boyfriend: hannah I wish you could see yourself from my eyes
by anactualhannah November 23, 2013
Hannah is an amazing girl. She is really intellegent, witty, beautiful, while she can be shy. She is the type of girl who you can have a serious conversation with without making it awkward, while you can talk about the stupidest things and she'll make you laugh. She's a great friend to have around. She's very reliable and will forgive you even if you don't deserve it. While she is all these things, she has a sexy side. She can grab any boys attention, and once she has one, can have them wrapped around her finger. She can be very intimate, and can always have a great time. Hannah is someone who deserves a great friend, someone who deserves to be loved by a great guy.
by Shinyshoes64 July 28, 2013
A sexy girl who is funny and outgoing, she can get any guy she wants to just cause shes so hot and her personality is amazing, her smile can brighten anyones day even tho she is sad her self. often, hannahs have a big butt and big boobs. A Hannah is an amazing friend although she is bad at keeping secrets to herself, take time to meet a hannah, because they are amazing.
" wow, that girls sexy, must be a hannah."
by rebeckha1942456 April 07, 2013
A Hannah is an enthusiastic girl who enjoys the company of others, often wild and loud and easily drunk, she can also be a shy creature of the underworld. Although they have a sense of maturity, their inner child likes to come out and play quite frequently, so its important to keep an eye out. Often A Hannah is quite reserved, she is open to trying new things, both mentally and sexually. A Hannah tends to get frothy in her downstairs area or her kebab if you will. On the hold Hannah is a bright young child who will always rise to a challenge presented to her.
Girl 1: What is this liquid mess all over the floor?
Girl 2: Its gross! It looks like Frothy Milk!
Girl 1: Yeah, its just a Hannah
by Daisy Chain booster January 20, 2013
She is beautiful, amazing, sporty&is perfect in every single way! Every boy loves her&id consider yourself lucky if you are going out with a hannah, they have gorgeous eyes&are the best kissers, and most of them have amaxing bums!:) they can be a bit bitchy at times but they never get found out&are always smiling! There so cute and can be really funny at times:D
by imafuckinglad January 13, 2013
Generally very pretty, but is basically a walking definition of 'white girl'
Girl one: "hey do you want to go shopping with me?"

Hannah: "Yeah! The Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back, that means it's UGG season! I also heard there was a sale at Forever 21 today!"
by I know six hannahs November 16, 2013
Usually a girl that thinks shes beautiful and is usually over weight
but can be nice at times
Shes such a hannah
by Mariaa mann November 26, 2013