1. The MOST beautiful woman to have ever existed.

2. A Dinosaur.
Example 1: Hannah is the most beautiful, funny, stylish, amazing girl in the world.

Example 2: Hannah: I'm going home to change.

Boy-Friend: Change into what?

Hannah: A dinosaur!
by Norm560 March 21, 2013
An amazing girl, no doubt. She usually has brown hair and blue eyes and is EXTREMELY pretty, like model material. She’s really outgoing and extremely talented, and is probably a really good dancer. There’s no way you can hate her, because she’s got such a bright personality and it makes everyone love her. She’s usually quiet, but she has a great laugh. A Hannah is really happy on the outside but she’s full of dark secrets that she’s extremely good at hiding. You can’t lie to a Hannah because she’ll definitely know when you’re lying. All guys want to date her, and any guy who gets with her will never want to let go. Hannahs usually end up with a guy who start with an A or L
Person 1: Whoa! Who is that girl?
Person 2: She's a Hannah
Person 1: Wow, I wish I was her
by PBJTIME October 13, 2012
A Hannah is a Hot, Attractive, and Stunning person. She is a tomboy who likes to hang with the guys and they all are in love with her. She is graceful when it comes to sports but other things not so much. She is halrious and is always smiling:)
O man look at her, she's gotta be a Hannah
by 11111523 June 05, 2011
Hannah is a great girl to be around, she leaves guys longing to just speak to her with just kind good hearted ways and her beautiful face. In a crowd she is overseen by many due to her shyness, however if she was looked at in any depth, you could uncover the kind and fun loving side of her that is overshadowed by self esteem issues. Hannah is a girl who any man would be lucky to have and she deserves to be treated like a princess every day.
E.g " i wish hannah was my girlfriend"
by The true gentleman December 23, 2011
a pretty girl, normally cute and small, is an AMAZING dancer, and has a passion for singing, loves all animals and likes the colour blue and yellow. for her love life, she is normally attracted to boys whoes names start with a "d" or a "j" but is most likely to end up with a guy thats names starts with a "d" alothough she is sweet, if you mess with her she can turn in to a huge bitch so watch out! also has a great sense of style and is a BAMF
she is such a hannah
by lil lady 14 June 17, 2011
Hannah, a sweet, kind an funny girl. she is absoloutly STUNNING, and every boy falls for her. She wont ever leave your side. she loves to dancing, act, draw & take pictures,! She has the brightest smile & will always make you laugh.! In love with her boyfriend, forever and always , he is her bestfriend! Sexy, sweet, funny, & amazing.. Hannah!
oh! There's Hannah! Lets go talk to her :)
by hiitsjustmedontworry November 24, 2011
Hannah loves music almost as much as she loves food. She'll spend all day doing stuff thats pointless to others (like her mother) but really important to herself. When she wants something, she'll get it herself instead of relying on others. She loves her family and friends more than anything. She has colored eyes and enjoys art and anything handmade. She loves animals, and can connect with them more often than she can connect with humans. She understands people close to her much more than they can understand her. She's sporty and puts her all into the things she does. She is commited to things that are important to her & is busy most of the time. Hannahs are always true friends to those who are true to her. It takes a lot for her to trust someone. So if she trusts you, you're special. People often think of her as something she isn't untill they really get to know her.
Hannah is really quiet, but she's so amazing when you get to know her.
by her best friend. December 01, 2012
Amazingly unique. Hannah is classy, sexy and smart. She is as good as they get, infact better! Hannah likes to spend cold nights snuggled up watching movies at home and having a good laugh. Hannah is the life of the party. She's spontaneous and extremely beautiful. She can ahieve anything she wants! Hannah is faithful and caring. She's a keeper! Hannah is the best, so you can't do any better..

Feel sorry for you if you don't know Hannah.
Omg i just met Hannah and i can't imagine my life if i didn't know her.. damn she's so amazing!
by kmacninety4 May 27, 2012

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