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Hanitizer is a combination of hand and sanitizer. For example the Purel or CVS brand hand sanitzer.

Yo man, I need some hanitizer
My hands are dirty pass the hanitizer
I just smoked a cigarette and my hands smell, I need some hanitizer
by Pablo Rubio May 03, 2006
hand sanitizer, but for those of us too lazy to break between words.
i need some hanitizer before i test my blood sugar.
by benskicksassmom January 17, 2011
Shorter word for "Hand Sanitizer"
Pass me the hanitizer please.
by turbofinch December 29, 2010
A contraction for the word hand sanitizer.
"Mom, I just used the bathroom, so gimme some hanitizer!"
by EyeCandyPhotography July 24, 2008
hanitizer is a comibination of the words hand and sanitizer
That gas station bathroom was disgusting and had no hand soap. I need some hanitizer.
by wcchick264 June 26, 2007
hand sanitizer
After stepping off the subway, I always use hanitizer to clean my hands.
by 1gTeach December 04, 2013
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