A wedgie that hurts real bad as you are stuck on a tall object like a lamp post by your whitie tighties ( which I wear)
I'm walking to school with my 'friend' when the wind blows up my skirt and shows my ultra stretchy whitie tighties. Immediately my boxer wearing friend makes me drink tons of water and doesn't let me go to the loo in school. By this time I was desperate to pee.
My parents are away in California for a week and they won't be back home for anything so as we are coming out of school my friend begins to tell me she saw this weird poster thing on a street lamp. As we are walking to the lampost my friend asks me to shut my eyes when we get there. When we do get there I shut my eyes and she blindfolds me. As I am blindfolded she ties my hands behind my back and ties my feet together then she takes of my clothes and hangs me on the lampost by my whitie tighties and superglues my hands into A bag of water then she takes off my blindfold, climbs down the ladder she had borrowed from I don't know where because nobody comes down thereand leaves me there for a whole week. Just by coincedence a school newsreporter walks by looking for the girl in the white undies! ME!!!!! So thanks to my 'friend I am the wedgie victim of the whole school and just today I was given a hanging wedgie in cloakroom with tap left on. Great thanks 'friend'! Did I forget to mention I peed like 10 times a minute up there and my 'friend' let me down still in a major wedgie and fed me water every lunch break, morning, afternoon and sometimes even in the night while I was asleep.Also when I came home (my friend let me down) My little sis gave me an atomic wedgie, I peed and she told my older bro who then took me to the bathroom and hung me on the showerhead for the rest of the night. Whats more my Dad decided to give a messy wedgie in the morning at breakfast by stuffing jam down my pants and hitching them up super high. I went to change my pants but then my Mum, sis and bro rounded on me at the bathroom and locked me out of the bedroom then they hung me on the coat pegs inside of our hall ( for your imformation I still cannot reach them even with a chair) and they left me there for a week giving me water and my Dad stuffing messy things down my pants!

When I got back to school I was a victim and what a surprise I found myself hung on the flagpole in the school yard for another week being fed water and peeing myself dumb.
Then I was invited to my 'friends' surprise birthday party. I t was a surprise all right. We were playing blind mans buff and I was the blind man when I felt my whitie tighties being hooked up by something I pulled off my blindfold and to my horror a crane had me suspended in the air by my pants it left me there for another week and my butt hurts real bad!!!
i would tell you more about my horrific weggie life but it's all the same thing over and over again every day. It's soo not fair!
by lollipopwedgiegrl248 June 21, 2009
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Hanging wedgie (n.) - When a person or a group of people grab your tighty whities and hang them you on a coat deg, doorknob, etc. You are left hanging there for a long period of time.
When I was in the 9th grade and changing after PE in the locker rooms, some seniors grabbed me by my tighty whities and left me hanging in the locker room. Everyone was laughing. I was so embarrassed, I peed my pants and everyone even more.
by Henry Sandoval August 03, 2005
When you are jumped by friends or people older than you grab your tighty-whities without notice and put your waist band on a high object like a shower head in the locker room, door nobs, bed posts, coat hangers, ext.
I was jumped in the locker room while wearing tighty-whities in 7th grade and tied up and given a hanging wedgie on a non-working shower head after school. I was left there for an hour before the P.E. teacher finally came in. It sucked.
by aalliliiv October 20, 2005
When you are given a wedgie but once given it you are lifted of the ground and the elastic in the wasitband is used to hang you up on a coat peg or doorknob or the likes.
i got a hanging wedgie in the lockerrooms
by Zelda March 27, 2005
boxers shorts or some form of underwear has rope tied through the legholes. The rope is tied to a tree or support, so that the victims feet are far off the ground and they can't reach the support with their hands.
I gave myself a hanging wedgie in soccer shorts only. It was in a tree. I couldn't make them rip and hung for a long time. They were crushing my balls and way up my ass. I had to flip upside down, to try and get out. I hung naked upside down for awhile. Then I had to flip back up. The wedgie was worse. Finally I flipped upside down and fell out of the shorts naked. I couldn't get the shorts down so ran home naked. Fortunatly I slipped in when no one was home to avoid embarassement
by JMD54 April 24, 2006
a wedgie where the victim's underwear is hanging from something, like a fence, coathook, flagpole, etc. the hanging wedgie causes the victim to be in extreme pain and to be in an uncomfor table position. the victim can get out if the victim escapes, the underwear rips, or if somebody gets the victim down. escaping fhanging wedgie is almost impossible.
my parents were on a business trip for a week. my bus came early, so i got to school early. so did the bullies. they always give me wedgies, and they know i wear white undies every time. my undies are strong and stretchy, so they never rip. when they saw me, they jumped on me, took off my clothes except my white undies, lifted me up by my underwear, took me to the flagpole, tied me up, superglued and duct-taped two bags full of water on my hands, made me drink a LOT of water, and hung me by my tighty-whites on the flagpole, all the way to the top. the flagpole was so high, i could barely see the ground. the flagpole almost touched the clouds! my undies stretched over my head. kids were shouting, "go! go! go! go! go!" some of the kids took pictures and videos of me (they were allowed in school). everybody was laughing. i peed almost every minute, and started to cry. i started to pee. teachers never saw me, because they come to school very early every day. at the end of the school, the bullies lowered the flagpole, but i was still suspended in a hanging wedgie. then they fed me more water. then they raised the flagpole up again. then all the kids left. i peed. since my parents were in a business trip, i had to sleep in the wedgie. i peed while i slept, because of the bags full of water. when i woke up, i was still in the wedgie. the bullies fed me water in the morning and in the night. i still had to sleep in the wedgie. during the whole week, my white briefs never ripped, and the bullies always fed me water morning and afternon. when my parents came back, they crossed my school. they saw me, and laughed. then they got me down. this happened in the night. when i got home, my older brother saw me and completely yanked my underwear out of my butt crack. it hurt like hell beacause anything that tought my butt crack or my nut or my balls would hurt with extreme pain. my older brother goes to the same school i go to. i was in total embarrasment, and the worst part was that everybody, including the teachers, knew about it. my parents wouldn't let me change schools. i became a victim of wedgies, and the only one, too. i was in that wedgie for 1 week and 18 hours, and my butt is still in pain.
by Christopher Diddise March 12, 2008
When a cool, boxer wearing person gives a wedgie and then puts the waistband over something like a doornob so the reciever hangs above the ground.
In are gym room there is a really small coat closet. The coat pegs are really high up, and are only 25 inches apart. I was changing for gym when a group of boxer wearing "cool" people caught me wearing tighty whighties. 2 of them came up and gave me a mervin. To make it worse The put the front of me waistband on one coat hook and the back of the waistband on a coat hook on the other side. Everyone was laughing. They say its a every boxer wearers job to give any tighty whitie wearer either a atomic or hanging wedgie.
by Anonyymous August 26, 2006
a hanging wedgie is when someone gives you a wedgie that lifts you completely off the ground.
One week my mom desided to go on a cruise for a whole week. As soon as my mom leaves my brother who's 3 years older gets pissed off at me. So he took my me by my underwear and gave me a hanging wedgie off a short but strong branch in the backyard. I would hang by my underwear for 8 to 10 hours at a time. The only time he would let me down is to give me water so i would pee a lot. 6 whole days went by and the same underwear i had worn sence day 1 did not rip. probably 10 minutes before my mom came home he let me down and threatened to leave me there next time if i told on him.
by kylecn12 April 24, 2008
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