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what happens when you're free-balling or tits are flapping
My balls were hangin' and bangin' last night when I went commando.
by sturdy1028 April 01, 2009
Going out from bar to bar, drinking massive quantities of alcohol and having sex
one: "what are you doing tonight?"
other: "hangin' n bangin'"
by rm December 07, 2004
The typical activities in a day of the life of the ant man and hoemag.
What are you doing? Not much, just Hangin and Bangin.
by frankbb May 22, 2008
A term often used to describe two people who, as the name suggests, hang out but also bang. Similar to friends with benefits.
Jake: So are you and Stephie fucking all the time?

Andrew: Nah man we're hangin' and bangin', a little column a and a little column b!

Jake: Lucky bastard.
by Spudda87 July 01, 2013