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Discriminating against a person or group of people based on their handedness, either left or right.
Something that almost every left-handed person is sure to have experienced due to making up such a small percent of the population (under 10%)
Ambidextrous individuals are usually exempt from such prejudice as they can avoid being branded a lefty, and avoid backlash as a righty.
(Guy)"You have good handwriting ... for a left-hander."
(Girl)"EY, dont be handist!"

(teacher slams a book on the wrist of a student using his left hand for writing)
"I won't have devils in my class!"
(student whispers) "Handist bitch"

(crazed psychologist) "Being left-handed is a neurotic choice made by antisocial individuals."
(left-hander) "STFU u handist tosser!"

by gamma_xi February 21, 2009
One who is prejudice against people of opposite hands.
That guy is a handist because he hates left-handed people.
by Remixed March 15, 2009
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