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A hand-hula-hoop is a one handed gesture, in which you join the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb, thus creating a circle. (hoop)

Also used as an 'OK' signal for divers and swimmers alike, and considered an offensive hand gesture in certain areas, the hand hula hoop is a game to play with friends/idiots.

The Game:

If you are able to coax a player - without moving you hand directly into their line of sight - to look directly at you 'hoop', they are a 'dick'. (See penis)

If they mange to place their index finger inside your hoop without looking at it, they indeed are the victor, and the 'hooper' is a sad and lonley man who should reach for his coat ASAP. (See loser)

Victors of this game are often called Weidner , which is confusing as this is also a term for a cumbersome pilot. see pilot paddy)
Hooper - 'Dude, seen that?'

<player directs friend visions to his hip, next to which he is holding a fine and dandy hand hula hoop>

Victim - 'You dirtbox, your such a chimp i looked right at it.'
by Rammer January 09, 2006
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