Riders of customized Harley-Davidsons, usually with bolt-on parts instead of home fabricated parts.
More popular in the 1990's, when many middle-aged men had disposable income to waste on expensive paint jobs and bought-in custom parts.
Not true chopper riders.
Look at that purple and pink paint job. What a Hamster.
by Lucas9 November 12, 2009
Someone who lies, steals, and cheats. The rodent form of a tool, a douche bag, and idiot and a whore.
That girls annoys me so much, she is such a Hamster!!!
by JoeSchmidlap April 16, 2011
Not yet a puma, and far removed from Cougar status, a hamster is an underage girl who dresses, acts, and parties like she's 23. Deceptively cute and dangerously crafty, these little critters seem like a good idea...until you bring one home.
"Poor Lawrence Taylor...the hamster strikes again."
by Revalus Bor May 18, 2010
(n) - A younger male that actively persues older women. The male version of a gerbil. A cougar's meal.
The hamster chose to go to more sophisticated bars in hopes of finding a cougar to take him home.
by Thetaters December 07, 2009
1) a small fluffy animal that is nowhere near as cool as a chinchilla, but still cool.

2) the nickname of Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond

TO DO A HAMSTER: to crash a car at very high speed
1) aww, that hamster is soooooo cute!!!
2) Hamster crashed a Vampire dragster at 300mph.
by that weirdo from Broadstone December 21, 2006
(noun): a bitter tubby guy who thinks he is hot shit.

(adjective): used as way to describe an ugly fat guy, who is a conceited douche bag
Sandy: " wow, I cant believe that hamster ass mothafucker called me a scavenger!"

Lucy: " Yeah , that fat fuck has nothing else to say, he's just bitter he couldnt get any..hahah"

Sandy: " Hamsters , these days, smh"
by pgs squad April 26, 2010
another way of saying "pussy" , "twat" , "cunt" and good old vagina
guy1: hey dude where were you last night i was waiting for you in town
guy2: sorry i was busy nailing some girls hamster
guy1: wow was she good
guy2: nah she wouldn't suck on my twong
by mingefringe360 December 29, 2009

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