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to exert unnecessary force
If Leo continues to hammerdick his car like that he's going to blow that shit up.
by cdamiano August 09, 2006
One who drives with careless disreguard. Used by truck drivers to describe eachother. Hammer as meant to be the accelerator, Dick as used to be dicking around and driving like a dickhead. Can also be used as Hammer Dicken.
Christina said to her boyfriend " I got behind this Hammer Dick on the freeway.


Marsha was Hammer Dicken to get home to make supper
by SpdR8ser December 12, 2007
A revered term for a man residing within the south coastal region of Lake Erie to the PA/NY Appalachian Mountain area. A man who finds enjoyment in beer drinking, has outstanding fines at all time with the local/ state government, owns one or more guns, burns his trash, and typically falls within the blue - white collar range according to the 2010 census. A real menace to city folk.
- I just spotted them hammerdicks ripping up State St on them dirt bikes. - Oh Yeah? I even saw one the other day burning his trash which included an old car while drinking a bud heavy with no fucks given.
by US Dep of Definitions May 20, 2016
When you build unbelievable swelling in the tip of your penis after having sexual intercourse for a long period of time in a pool. The tip of your dick begins to look like the blunt end of a hammer while the rest of the shaft looks like a spaghetti noodle.
Man I had sex with her for 6 hours in my pool, when she left I had a hammer dick.
by ITwitch June 25, 2016
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