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Taken from the cannibal corpse song "hammer smashed face" it can be used as a descriptive word detailing how drunk someone is.
Fuckin hell man, that guy is hammer smashed.
by Iain MacDonald July 02, 2007
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The most metal way possible to be drunk. For this state to be attained, inebriation should reach the point whereupon:

A) One's head starts involuntarily thrashing violently back and forth at an alarming rate.

B) One's speech is reduced to an unintelligible series of grunts and guttural utterances.

Once the above has been achieved, conversation should immediately be shifted to the subject of torturous, gory methods of murder. Hangovers should ideally involve waking up feeling AND looking like one's face has been smashed in with a hammer.

Residents of New England, particularly those hailing from Buffalo, New York, will often find this feat much simpler than peoples residing elsewhere.
Bar patron #1: Look at this guy over here, he's getting completely hammersmashed.

Bar patron #2: Yeah, I feel sorry for his head, neck and throat tomorrow morning.
by Somnambulizt September 07, 2009
to get extremely drunk or intoxicated
"let's get hammersmashed tonight!!!"
"I was hammersmashed last night, I don't remember thing!!"
by chawke November 08, 2007

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