One of five basic volleyball hitting methods. Difficult to master, but when done correctly, is arguably the most effective technique in all of volleyball. One performs the hammer of justice (or HOJ, pronounced "hahj") by making a fist with one's right hand, covering it with the left hand, holding one's hands above one's head and striking the ball downward. Believed to have originated in Nashville.
Deanna: Oh my God, it's the hammer of justice!
Andrew: Will, you know we can't handle that! Play fair!
Will: Yeah, I know. I guess I should just use the HOJ sparingly.
Johannes: Wow, what a move! Very inspiring! I think I bring this back to Germany!
by Jerome Finkle October 02, 2009
Top Definition
The act of punching someone in the mouth or something to yell when punching someone in the mouth.

Also an attack used by paladins in World of Warcraft
Khai was running around the hallways yelling "Seal of Command FADES, CAST Seal of Command, CAST Holy Shock" He then punched a boy in the mouth and yelled "HAMMER OF JUSTICE!!!"
by MASTrunks November 08, 2007
An appropriate punishment when qmomo misbehaves. Although qmomo never admits, the hammer of justice does him more good than wrong.
Taste my hammer of justice.
by g-hunter October 03, 2008
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