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the name given to someone who puts too many ham slices in their sandwich.
woah seen faz's sandwich...
she's hamham!
by chickpeaa December 23, 2008
The act of mating, really good sex. The kind that makes your toes curl and your back arch, the kind of sex that makes you vlean.

Ham Ham can also be a very big penis both in length and girth.
Isabella-Damn girl I met up with Gerry last night he gave me that ham ham.

Garth-Mmmm boo thing let me put my ham ham in your mouth.
by AshyRAWRR November 27, 2013
Lanky, skinny boy, too much hair, GUITAR HERO.
Doesn't know what he's got.
Selfish, without meaning to be. Cold hearted.
Smile that could break hearts.
Different, there's no one like a Hamham.

Superficial intelligence. Hard to crack into. On the surface, emotionless twat, but in reality, feels quite deeply.
Guilt takes him over. Looks out for only himself.

Hard to give up.
'Omg, who's that guy you were talking to?!'
'He's my Hamham :)' *blushes*
by iloveyoukbye. December 06, 2010
used as a replacement for fag
shut the fuck up you hamham
by Dave January 15, 2004
a h/g to everyone except fo haters, a lover who loves guyz especially da one spesho person dat she cant stop thinking about XDD............
emery aka dorkie x lover
by ham ham December 28, 2004

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