Roseanne Barr's horrifying genitalia
If Roseanne were to start talking about sex, the image of her greasy, worm ridden hamgina attempting to eat you alive, would leap into your head.....then you would kill yourself
by teggsylegs August 27, 2008
Top Definition
When a spiral cut ham is displayed so that the separation of the ham slices resembles a vagina.
"Woah, dude, look at the size of that hamgina that Mom just put on the table. That gets me hot."
by dlky April 16, 2009
1.A vagina made of ham.
2.A pig's vagina.
I want to fuck a hamgina.
by Hamgina September 04, 2003
The female genitals of a Pig
Miss Piggy must have an amazing Hamgina in order for Kermit to put up with that annoying bitch!
by Supp86 February 28, 2012
the vagina of a hamster
I wanted to mate the hamsters but the female won't give up that hamgina.
by tiny riny October 17, 2009
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