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Irish Slang meaning complete mess.
The plastic surgeon made a hames of me arse
by J Shirley January 05, 2005
A Mexican word to describe a bloody, infected rectum.
After Leroy pounded me from behind, I developed a Hames.
by Phuchu May 08, 2016
this is a better way to say HOMIE without sounding like a cholo or getting acused of sounding black
Gabriel-hey whos that our there?
Alan-oohh thats my HA-ME JV from highschool
by air-yeezy GOOD August 03, 2010
pronounced "ha- mess" the way a hispanic male/female with poor english skills says James
Person 1: Whos in the Toolroom

Hispanic: Hames

(person 1 chuckles loudly)

*Note Peson 1 is white
by 509devil October 04, 2010
Saying that you agree with something or that you can relate to what has just been said. Another word for "same."
Dan: "Hey Stan, I just gave Pam a wet willy!"
Stan: "Hame."
by a8mccabe October 08, 2011
Ridiculous way of pronouncing "james" in the latin community, specifically colombia
mike: yo, did you see that hames goal?
derek: hell ya, he's gonna get all the bitches now!
by nermanisded July 14, 2014
A pimp-ass way to say "home."
A: Daaame, I left my parachute pants at hame.
B: You are so pimp-ass.
by minnah December 22, 2005
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