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1. noun--A situation that requires creative use of available resources; A precarious situation.

2. noun--A statement that is hilarious in its obsurdity.

3. noun--A bagel, exclusively filled with ham.

4. verb--to screw something up because of incompetence.

5. alt. hambagler--one who causes a hambagel.
1) With sweat dripping from my brow, I smiled and turned to the left for my usual eight squares of TP, but I found the roll empty and myself in quite a hambagel.

2) Ben: "I'm sorry, but I really liked the GI Joe movie."
Basil: "Hambageler!"

3) "Dude, could you use your machete to slice that bagel, so that I can turn it into a hambagel by filling it with tasty ham?"

4) "The Chicago Cubs really hambageled the hell out of that game."

5) "You are such a hambageler, Leeroy."
by JCSpags October 09, 2010