When something greatly exceeds being more than just amazing
'Yo dude do you see that girl, she is hamazing'

'I was hamazed she wasn't arrested for being that fine'
by DanMcIrish May 28, 2008
(adjective) To describe an amazing pork product.
That was hamazing, those pork products were hamazing, that ham was hamazing.
by lnp87 February 25, 2009
something that an irish man called dan (known as slang for not all with it) might say to describe something which he believes is good.

Not entirely disimilar to 'amazing', but spelt incorrectly. Basically, it might just be possible that he is not speaking correctly.

associated words: 'mcgowan', happrentice', and 'i am drunk'.

'that vodka was hamazing', 'i am hamazing', 'you are not hamazing'. 'marmite, hamazing.'

by hels hamazing May 28, 2008

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