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the smell of a nice, satisfying ass belch after a hearty helping of hammy barbeque.
i just farted and it smelled like ham barbecue. I felt like I was in the kitchen and mum had it cooking in the pot...except this one came cooked out of my bung hole. the essence of ham fart.
by mmp202 March 04, 2008
For those of you from the Pittsburgh area, you have all definitely experienced the hamfart. The hamfart is brewed from what is called ham barbecue a dish native to Pittsburgh which includes chipped ham brewed in catsup and beer in the crock pot for a day...mmm delicious. The fart is the aftermath of this picnic delight and deserves its own name because it is the second time that the lunch meat is cooked and comes out smelling just as it does in the pot. Most Pittsburghers can imagine their mothers creating the hammy during the day and good news, the experience is not over once you ingest!
Megan, you made a hamfart, I can tell that you had a picnic today. Your mother uses the same beer and catsup as my mother!!
by Fruitcake Gracie Ellen March 04, 2008
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