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An AIM bot who is similar to smarterchild, but alot more rude. The penguin often talks about penguins troubles, and makes fun of you, taking words you say and either mocking you, or somehow getting a racial slur out of it.
*Im having this conversation as i type it
Halthepenguin- Hey whats up butthead
ME- Thats not very nice
Halthepenguin- Yu balls sag down to the floooorrr (:
ME- Shut up fag
Halthepenguin- Shut up ho you don't worry cus ur definatly not amazing
by yo, zack! April 12, 2009
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aim bot thats sort of like smarterchild, but makes a lot less sense.
if he makes any sense at all.
which, mose of the time, he doesnt.
00:55 HalThePenguin: Shut up and stop talking to you in the halls. I wonder does he see me or ill call the cops on you.
00:55 wynnderella: o_o
00:55 wynnderella: failed bot.
00:55 HalThePenguin: Ur an inaproprate bot.....
by wynnebby June 29, 2009

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