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A person that plays a lot of Halo (xbox game series), person who uses terms such as: "pwnd", "noob", "raped", etc. while not playing halo.
"my friend is a hopeless halophile"
by Richard Malenfant May 12, 2007
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n. an organism that can live in extremely salty enviornments
n. a person who can not stop playing Halo
"I ate this pretzel with so much salt and it didn't make me feel weird!"
"Dude, you're like a halophile!"

"I played Halo for the duration of summer vacation with no breaks!"
"Dude, you're a Halophile"
by the pwn3r December 19, 2005
Someone who stalks you and tries to kidnap you on Halo or online.
Omg my friend just talked to a Halophile.
Yep I got ubducted by a Halophile.
by Kgw100 November 19, 2009
one who loves Halo
James is such a halophile...he's been playing Halo for the last straight fifteen hours.
by Lily Malone May 01, 2009
N. A person obsessed with the Halo series of video games to the point of eroticism
N. I think John is a halophile; whenever we make out he calls me Cortana.
by Mat n Cheese April 12, 2009

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