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pronounced: huh-ah-loh-uh-l-j-ah

a phrase of responsive explosive laughter strewn together from common short hand cyberspace expressions of joy: "HAHA", "LOL" and the popular Spanglish internet idiom "JAJA"

haha lol jaja

In the context of a "web chat" which can be found on AIM, Facebook, or any stalker-net service provided to literally anyone:

I_like_little_girls848542569: "Hey lil'Carol_age7, so there once was this blonde, redhead, and brunette that were all chilling in the pregnancy area at the doctors office. They start to make some small talk and the brunette brings up how you can determine the gender of the baby by the the sex position. So the brunette goes, 'Well since i was on top, I'm going to have a girl.' Then the red head realizes, 'Well i was on bottom, so I'm going to have a boy.' After a moments pause the blonde exclaims, "Shit! I'm going to have a puppy!"

li'Carol_age7: "Halolja I_like_little_girls848542569!!!! You are soo funny....halolja, halolja!!

by Colleen Cameron Erin December 13, 2008

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