its the shiznaz! i aint nevger seen anything coller since a ninja shitblast! i think this game will kill the human race caus we all gonna stop sexin' to play halo 2!
hot bitch: dude were the last peeps on earth! we gotta sex to save our lives!

dude with da XBOX: hell no bitch! maybe when im done beating ]halo 2]
by mackzy October 20, 2004
those little chunks of cheese that show up when you dont mix your macaroni good
i dont like eating the halo 2s
by Bros Call Me DP September 08, 2006
The sequel to one of the greatest console shooter in modern history. It featured a short and uninteresting story line that just dragged the story for what seemed ages. Its bad sense of story telling and bad usage of cliffhangers made this game highly dissapointing. Its only saving grace was it multi-player, but that was also dissapointing as it had been dumbed down to point where the best halo2 player in the world could be defeated by a n00b if the n00b got a sword first.

The skill needed for competition and superiority of design from the original halo did not reappear in the sequel making it the second most anticipated game EVER, but sadly the biggest let down in modern gaming history.
I pre-ordered my copy of Halo 2 2 years before it came out, but nowadays id rather play the original than even look at my copy of the sequel.

by Syed 2191 October 25, 2005
A game that dosn't deserve caps. Again, what's the point? You kill a guy, he dies, now what? You run, and kill another guy. Do you sence repetition here? I do.
Let's look at what makes it better than Halo: Better Graphics... uh... I guess that's it. The story sucks even more this time, but for Halo Nerds, it dosn't matter at all, which is different for people with brains, because in my case, I want a story that makes me look at the very nature of life, and question the very world it self (I.E. Metal Gear Solid) But then again, Bungie has never been very different. You take a gun, you shoot a guy, he is dead. Where's the depth? How is it unique? I have never played Half Life 2, but I'd think it would be the same, but I don't know.
You Halo Nerds have no idea of the world outside Halo and X-Box live, start living, you might like it. Now this dos not include everyone that plays Halo, just the one's who play it all day, which is probably a lot of you.
I'll say it again: Halo is a fun game, that dosn't mean it can be a religion
Bungie and microsoft are the eviliest companys on the earth. They are resposible for:
1. Obesity
2. Addiction
3. Failed Relationships
4. taking away people's hard earned money.

I'll use Halo Nerd/n00b Language so that you people can understand: HaLo TATOOLY SuXX!!11!!!!!11!1 mGS, FF, GTA IZz BEttEr, THEY ALL GOT HIGHER RATINGS ON GAMEspot!!!11!!!! HALO 2 GOT 9.3, MGS2 GOT 9.6, FF10 GOT9.6, AND GTA:SA GOT 9.6, HALo SUX!!!1!!!!
by The True Spikes August 13, 2005
geez ppl halo2 wasn't so bad. ya it could be better. and ya the first one had a beter feeling to it. and ya u hate to play the abior. but look on the birte side geez.maby u think the game is so bad because u don't like that kind of game.DUH!!!!!!!!!
most of u guys say that it's so bad is because ur just board and trying to be cool when u actuly like it
by Brad Bloxdorf January 12, 2005
Halo 2 is a good game, but only if you plan on playing multiplayer/xbox live. The campaign of Halo 2 sucks, and some of the weapons have no use what-so-ever.
Get this game if plan on getting xbox live, or if you already have it
by pvtmcmuffin January 07, 2005
Overrated. The game is so inconsistant it isn't funny. Sometimes you can bitch slap a guy with the end of your rifle 4 times and won't die, yet occasionally he'll die with 2. Bullshit combos and bullshit weapons. The game's inconsistancy is enough to make me break the Xbox (true story). Bungie are a bunch of money whores and nazi's.
*Shoots guy with battlerifle*
*runs up smacks him*
*smacks him again*
*Guy turns around and blows your face off with the plasma pistol*
by calvinownsj00 June 29, 2005

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