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i think it means guns.. from GTA SA
Ryder: whos the man wid da most straps?
CJ: guy with the most straps... i dont know.
Ryder: THE ARMY Man...
by -yeahw/e November 18, 2004
website last updated a year ago that could use some entries...
lets make stuff and put it on flybyflash.com
by -yeahw/e November 18, 2004
uh.. this was alright but not as fun as the first, the ending had a vomitlike viscosity that sort of leaked out of my television.. multiplayer was pretty good tho...
Wanna go play Halo 2?
not really...
by -yeahw/e November 18, 2004
i've been there a bunch of times. dont u mean that 8 quetzal is like one dollar...
Hey lets go to MExico
by -yeahw/e November 18, 2004
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