A outrageously shitty game for an outrageously shitty system. Made by comunist microsoft to pull true gamers into their stock-saving, word-processing money trap. Xbox, their Fucktard elephant controllers, and Shitterass Halo videogames are a disease that is caught by people who THINK they are gamers, but are just Fucktards...
Hey guyz!!1 W3 ARE S0000000 1337!!1!11 WE SHULD MACE URSELVAZ LOOK KUULER BY PLAYING HALO oMG!111!11!1!!1

True gamer: You guys are fucktards. I'm going to go play Painkiller... Fuckers!
by Brandon "Swiffer" A. April 29, 2005
Originated as a device of deification, especially in Rennaisance art and architecture, Halo's definition has now become threefold:

1. Relating to, or of, a halo, as in an angel's Halo.
2. Extremely overrated.
1. The archangel Gabriel's halo shone brightly.
2. The movie didn't live up to its hype: it was Halo.
3. HALO!!!!
by Unifin November 17, 2004
Without the game all of the guys would have a life and have more babies.
I threw away my xbox and halo and Got a girlfriend name caroline and fucked her to get a baby
by Mrs.Mann Clyde Joe September 22, 2006
The only good game on Xbox
Omfg0rz!!!111!shift1!!! its halo
by Deen March 09, 2006
the best fuckin video game ever made and it will be until halo 2
hey john lets play halo until we die
by eric July 13, 2004
The Best Fucking god-damn game ever made!!!!!:)
by Reload April 15, 2004
1)An exallent fps for the x box. Anyone that says this game sucks isn't a true gamer, a true gamer would realize you can't put down halo just because you dont like fps's or you just play half life.
2)A giant spinning ring floating in space with a diamiter of 10,000km, and a thickness of 22.3km. It was constucted by the Forrunner as a weapon to kill all life in the galexy,less the univers be left to be consumed by the parasitic Flood. Last seen in orbit around the gas giant Threshold. Communications with installation 04 have been lost.
Current statis:Unknown
Halo pwns, Half Life pwns, you can't just choose one noob.
by Jon May 01, 2005

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