THE MOST OVERRATED GAME on the planet it worships the play station 3
master chief: :well im a main character in halo but i just cant beat the ps3
by halo killer March 26, 2008
A dumbass game that's all the XBox has going for it. It's a piece of shit now and so is the sequel. Resident Evil 4 easily beats it.
Halo really sucks. >:(!
by HaloSux March 18, 2005
The most over-rated game ever.

People who regret that they bought X-box say that this game is "amazing"

It is just like very other shooting game on PS2.. face it
by x-box sux October 08, 2004
way better than katamari damacy
thats all you need to know.
dude: I just got Katamari Damacy.
kool guy: Dude, I just got Halo.
dude: damn why do I always get the crappy games.
kool guy: cause u suck.
by ajbnfabjdshsad March 18, 2006
One of the most popular video games of all time; especially well known for its bullshit.
"Hey guys want to go play halo?" "No thanks, that game is bullshit."
by DougE Fresh February 10, 2006
The most overhyped game of all time, yet is one the most popular game ever. If there was no Halo, perhaps the world would be a better place. With a bad, short storyline, some bad graphics at times, and some very bad glitches, I'm not sure why the hell it could be so popular. Everyone one knows The're are three types of nerds: Halo Nerds, Computer Nerds, and Dungeons and Dragons nerds, and halo nerds are the worst. The game is fun, that dosn't mean it can be a religion
Nerd: Let's play Halo!!!
Normal person: Dude... You've been playing Halo all day today...
Nerd: I've also gained 10 pounds, what else is new?
by The True Spikes July 10, 2005
A outrageously shitty game for an outrageously shitty system. Made by comunist microsoft to pull true gamers into their stock-saving, word-processing money trap. Xbox, their Fucktard elephant controllers, and Shitterass Halo videogames are a disease that is caught by people who THINK they are gamers, but are just Fucktards...
Hey guyz!!1 W3 ARE S0000000 1337!!1!11 WE SHULD MACE URSELVAZ LOOK KUULER BY PLAYING HALO oMG!111!11!1!!1

True gamer: You guys are fucktards. I'm going to go play Painkiller... Fuckers!
by Brandon "Swiffer" A. April 29, 2005

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