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HALLOWELL IS THE BEST GIRL DORM IN MILTON ACADEMY. Everybody is awesome and nobody is a social-climber. Girls are all chill and nobody hates each other. We have by far the best traditions like our flag-pole runs. We run naked to the flag-pole and back. Plus, we have the hottest girls, the coolest seniors, and juniors, and sophmores, and freshies. WE ARE JUST AWWWESOOOOOMMMMM
"I hate my dorm, I wanna be in Hallowell!"
by guywhoisinlovewithallowell January 24, 2005
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not the coolest place to be!!!! Hallowell is such a miss and the only positive thing is that it houses Gladys.
I'm stuck in hallowell!my life is over
by ohyesness February 28, 2005

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