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I highly elated method of greeting a close friend or relative. Often displayed at barge parties where close friends will engage specially designed ear woofers and shriek 'Halabasanta' through a mouthpiece in to the other person’s ear. The resonating sound vibrates across the mid section of their parietal lobe which can heighten the experience to such a degree as to cause mild inner scalp chaffing.

Use of the word 'Hallabasanta' can be seen as far back as 2002 when a young B. Kronarbuild first experimented with a normal 'common or garden' toilet roll tube and blerted the word Hallabasanta! in the ear of a unsuspecting friend who has since had to undergo extensive counselling.
Hallabasanta! it's so great to see you my dear friend!

by Manthos May 08, 2007
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