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a fun person to be around. overall goodlooking. very conservative. open-minded and is very unique / independent.
Hey see that girl over there, i wanna be just like that halie.
by toxictiffany October 27, 2007
Halie is a beautiful girl.
Usually a great actress and loves helping others.
She has a kind heart and everyone loves her, i mean whats not to love?
They are the picture of perfection.
All girls are jealous of her and all the boys want her.
She is also very smart.
Boy 1: omg that girl is beautiful
Boy 2: damn she is sucha a halie
by SheWhoMustNotBeName January 16, 2011
There is no one closer to perfect than Halie. Her eyes show mere beauty and will make you fall for her. She will have her ups and downs but she will always pull through strong. Overall the most amazing girl there is. Keep Halie close to you, losing her will be one of the most painful things that will happen to you. Also she is very good at singing.
Guy1: I got Halies number today!
Guy2: No way! Consider yourself one of the luckiest men in the world.
by worriorGOD September 14, 2013
She is the most amazing girl I could ever meet and she is sweet Beautiful smart interesting funny fun to be around but most importantly the Love of my heart
Halie is a person who makes friends easily
by TheRealOzzy July 23, 2016
Best sex machine ever invented. Gives blow jobs in class, and has amazing dick riding skills.
Dude, that girl over there is a total Halie.
by Jim Larist January 14, 2015
Guy 1: Dude have you heard about that new chick sleeping with ANYTHING? EVEN A LAMP?

Guy 2: yesss dude! she's such a halie!
by Klawson June 21, 2010
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