Individual incapable of grasping concepts easily understood by a gorilla.
I enjoy tailgating with my friends at MSU, but they're all half wits and I find myself growing dumber by the day.
by JoeMayo November 07, 2014
A popular contestant from UK Big Brother 10, who promotes a hippy-ish ideology of happiness, peace and love on earth. He walks around the garden in his blue bath robe, singing and laughing to himself. Can often be found having interesting discussions about philosophy, politics and psychology.

Annoys the other housemates because of his orgasms over food.

Looks kinda like Jesus.
Halfwit eating cereal: 'Mmmmmmm..... aaaaaahhhhh.... yeeeahhhhhhhh... mmmmmmmm.... oh God this cereal is so good that I'm going to come..... yeaaaahhhh'.
by clever-clogs July 07, 2009
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