When you shit but only half of it comes out so you struggle hard the rest of the day until the other half finally comes out.
Convo in Taco bell bathroom

Kyle- What the fuck is taking so long
Dan- Bro i got halfsies so bad right now
Kyle- Damn that sucks your gonna struggle the rest of the day
Dan- I know thats why im trying to get it all out now!
by ThemanThelegend September 07, 2010
Top Definition
absorbing a cost equally between two people
dude, do you want to go halfsies with me on that killer mud pie?
by So Mach April 28, 2006
semi-derogatory term of half canadians used by kevin smith on smodcast 88.
we don't fuck halfsies in brantford, all canada or nothing.
by gunnar89 August 31, 2009
A more fun way to say "half," or "part-way".
Why would you go halfsies with that halloween costume and just wear a hat? You should go all the way and wear the whole outfit.

Want to go halfsies with me and split the cost of dinner?
by cirrus42 January 25, 2012
when you get an erection that is only about half way erect. This happens when you are subconciously turned on.
Aw dude! I got halfsies when I was petting your cat. I got halfsies when my aunt gave me a massage. I got halfsies from riding a horse.
by Sam-da-man September 17, 2008
half-brothers or sisters. people who share one parent, but not the other. eg, people with the same mother but different fathers.

you could also spell or pronounce it "halvsies", but you'd look like a retard.
Girl1: "I thought you had a brother. How come I never see him anymore?"
Girl2: "My sister and I live here with our mom, but our halfsies live in Texas with their dad."


Guy1: "Megan and Ryan are spending a lot of time together. Are they dating?"
Guy2: "No way, man! They're halfsies!"
by MattJ77 March 12, 2009
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