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a partially erect penis that occurs typically when the owner is aroused by something they should probably not be aroused by or in other inopportune situations.
Armando is inappropriately and uncontrollably partially aroused by his room mate. He now has a halfsie.
by hardguy January 09, 2010
The spelling Halvsie refers to someone who is of mixed halves of races or ethnicity.
usually half Japanese and half caucasian in descent. e.g. 'Devon Aoki is a hot halfsie'
by pavistroni June 25, 2007
A person who consists of multiple ethnicities
Person # 1: Hey! Where are you from?
Person # 2: I'm half British and half Indian
Person # 1: Oh so you're a halfsie? That's cool!

buy halfsie mugs & shirts
by kurryma July 12, 2013
A Male to Female transgender person
"Dude, did you see that chick? I think she had a dick!"

"Yeah dude, Halfsie - upper half woman, bottom half dude"
by WiggityX January 27, 2009
A bisexual person. Refering to being half way "out the closet".
Carla won't go out with Mary because she doesn't date halfsies.
by Dushtie December 18, 2007
A half ounce of weed (14.5 grams). Costs about 80 dollars canadian.
Most people cop halfsies cuz ther too broke to buy ounces
by Curly Dino July 07, 2006
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