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A person who is not quite an athlete, but is more than a spectator. A person who participates in an activity, may actually work up a little sweat, but ultimately is not a full fledged athlete.
Participants in any of the following: NASCAR, bowling, golf, curling (they might be even less than a Halflete), hunting, ping pong, walkers, polo, anything equestrian, professional wrestling, professional fishing, hang gliding, boat racing (jet ski included), professional eating (also questionable)
by Tippy the Turtle June 14, 2011
An "athlete" who tries half as hard as everyone else on the team.

Someone on the team who comes out to half the games and half the practices and never works hard.

Very common in hockey, especially on the B teams. Also known as doggin' it
Man 1: Hey Jim did you see Bob's half-assed performance...he was really doggin it out there tonight

Man 2: He calls himself an athelete?!....More like a HALFLETE

by Jeremy August 15, 2006

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