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a blow job that ends in a hand job
All i got last night was a halfer.
by hooker9 September 01, 2009
22 26
Slang for half-Asian and half-Caucasian
Person 1: "What did he look like?"
Person 2: "I think he's a halfer."
by julie bing February 17, 2005
129 40
1) A race of people who is anyone of 1/2 one race and 1/2 another race.
1) Yo that Blazian peep is a halfer.
by Nicaraguan Thunder January 30, 2010
31 16
(1890-1900's) Southern Negro sharecroppers.
Slave to Halfers! Poor people, homey! They suffered n` all much.
by William Warney July 07, 2009
19 8
to go 50/50 on an investment by involving another party
hey man, do you wanna go halfers on that thai prostitute? it'd be cheaper for both of us if we did.
by ajhope May 26, 2010
9 3
Half gram of a drug, most typical cocaine
yo, want a halfer
by johnnyhalfer November 26, 2012
3 2
In terms of consuming alcohol; a halfer. Someone who can't handle the sesh.
First Guy: "Hey, second guy, do you know a girl called Rachel?"
Second Guy: "Ah yeah, the halfer?"
First Guy: "Yeah, that's the one."
by thisismakuch December 28, 2013
1 1
Some one who has had oral sex but is still a vaginal virgin
She only sucked your dick, haha Alan your a halfer.
by ARZEBBY January 18, 2010
15 15